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A Beginners Guide to MIG Welding

A Beginners Guide to FCAW Welding

A Beginners Guide to Tig Welding

The Basics of Welding Certifications and Test Positions

The Basics of Gas Torch Welding

Basic Guide For Welding Electrodes

Old File Archives and Some New Files from various sources that contain valuable information and ideas that could help in solving many problems in today's welding shop. All are Acrobat PDF files.

Beginners Guide to Oxy-Acetylene Welding Equipment
Information on Underwater Welding (This is an Acrobat File)
Information on Explosive Welding
Basics of Gas Torch Welding
Building an Oxy/Acet. Tank Rack
Building a Portable Welding /Cutting Table
Building a Oxy.-Acet. Tank Cart

Building a Support Stand

Build Your Own Plasma Cutter A 2 MB PDF File

Information on Shop Welder Set Up
Welding Lead Racks
Shop Welding & Jig Tables
Wire Feed Enclosure & Boom
Cutting Torch Circle Attachment
Circolator for a Tig Welder
Building a CadDigger Backhoe Unit

Stick Welding Vertical Up with an E7018 and Taking it to the Next Level - submitted by GoWelding.Org

Information concerning Welding Shielding Gases submitted by Linde Gas LLC
Contraction of Metal using Heat Properly Applied
Lens & Cable Safety Selector Guide Information on the proper welding/cutting lens and welding machine cable size. A PDF File.

Building Bending Rolls

Welding Aluminum Dura Fix Welding Process Without a Welding Machine.

Metal Sculpture Instructional Videos with the Oxygen Acetylene Torch.


Yahoo Welding Groups


Welding School Information A List of Welding Schools in the U.S. and Canada

American Welding Society

Precision Metal Forming Association

Weldalloy Products Company Wacol, Qld, Australia

DC Welding on an AC Machine - Building a Bridge Rectifier

Welding of Plastics An Acrobat (.PDF) File

Stick Welding Basics

Welding Tips & Tricks - Information on welding

Welding Tips and Ideas - Welding Information.

Go Welding Information and Guides

Welding Theory Basic and Advanced Welding Information

Welding Symbols

Storing and Redrying Electrodes


Oxy/Fuel Torches and Equipment

Aquygen Hydrogen Technologies, Inc. - Clearwater, FL
  Related videos: Video 1 - Video 2

Plasma or Oxy Fuel Comparison Discussion of Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Options.

Smith Equipment Company manufacturer of oxy-fuel cutting, welding and heating equipment, and specialty gas regulators. Watertown, South Dakota.

Don's Do it Yourself Go Cart Plans for the home constructor.

Baker's Gas and Welding Supplies On line welding supplies, welding equipment, industrial tools, and hardware. - Located: MI, OH

GAWDA Resource for the Gases & Welding Industry - Philadelphia, PA.

Strong Hand Welding Clamps, Pliers and Magnets - Victoria, Australia

Steel Tailor Oxy-Gasoline Cutting and Welding Torches - Beijing, China

Oxy-Acetylene Cutting-Welding Safety Information An Acrobat (.PDF) File

Oxy-Fuel Cutting Processes and Fuel Gases

Oxygen - Acetylene Cutting Chart Gage and torch settings for metal thickness.

Oxy-Acetylene Victor Service and Repair Manuals

Smith Cutting Tip Chart - Victor Tip Chart

Brazing Copper and Copper Alloys

The How and Why of Brazing

Machines and Metal: Become A Welder


Information on Plasma Torch Problems As related to angularity (taper) in holes with plasma cutting.

Techniques to Improve Small Hole Cut Quality On Carbon Steel, With A CNC Plasma System - This is an Adobe Acrobat File. (PDF) - (701K file size).

Basic Plasma Theory An Adobe Acrobat File (PDF) - (1 MB file size). PDF conversion

The Evolution of Plasma Cutting An Adobe Acrobat File (PDF) - (796 K file size).

Online Training Various Lesson Information on Plasma Cutting.

The Plasanator Build your own Plasma Cutter.

Improving Your Welding Skills Good Plasma Information.

CNC - Plasma Cutting Machines, Tables and Software

Hypertherm Plasma Arc Cutting Equipment - Hanover, NH

Miller Electric Co. Plasma Arc Cutting Equipment - Appleton, WI

Torchmate CNC Cutting Machines and Software - Harwood, MD

PlasmaCam Plasma Cutting Machine and Software - Colorado City, CO

Samson CNC Cutting Sysyem Plasma Cutters. - Rye, CO

DynaTorch CNC Cutting Machine and Software - Paducah, KY

Thermadyne (Thermal Dynamics) Plasma Cutting Technology - St. Louis, MO

Shop Sabre - CNC Router Machine - Lakeville, MN

Retro Systems, LLC CNC Plasma and Oxyfuel Cutting Machines - Austin, MN

MultiCam CNC Cutting Solutions - Fort Worth Airport, TX

Hobart - Plasma Machine - Troy, OH

Hobart - Plasma Torches - Troy, OH

Lincoln Electric - Product List. - Cleveland, OH

Esab Plasma Machines - Florence, SC (US Office)

Viper Tech Plasma Cutters. - Las Vegas, NV

Plasma Route CNC CNC Plasma Cutters and CNC Router Tables - Ada, OK

Innerlogic CNC - Plasma Cutting Systems and Torch Height Control - Charleston, SC

Plasma Automation, Inc. Plasma CNC Machines - Bohemia, NY

Everlast - Generators, Plasma Cutters, Welders - San Francisco, CA

Precision Cutting Systems, Inc. C.N.C. Plasma Cutting Solutions - Calgary, Canada

Jet CAM CAD CAM Nesting Software for Sheet Metal and Composite Cutting (punching, profiling, routing and composites). Location: UK

Steel Tailor Portable CNC Cutting Machine - Beijing, China

Plasma Cutting Discussion Groups

PlasmaCam Groups:

TorchMate Groups:

Discussion Board on Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting Software and Patterns Art

Free Adobe Acrobat

For Sale

Plasma Cutting Machine Suppliers / Distributors

Indiana Oxygen Welding equipment, plasma. See Listing Below

Indiana Oxygen Welding equipment, plasma. Supplies - Indianapolis, IN - Internet Store offers free shipping in US

Harris Welding Supplies Monroe, OH

Cyber Weld - Linden, NJ

Central Welding Supply - Woodinville, WA

Linde Gas, LLC Offering plasma equipment and more.

Welding Depot Welders, plasma equipment and more.

Plasma Cutters & Welders Bow, NH

Plasma Cutting Consumable Suppliers / Distributors

Thermacut - Claremont, NH - Offering plasma torch parts, consumable parts and supplies.

Centricut - West Lebanon, NH - Plasma torch parts, consumable parts and supplies. (Hypertherm authorized parts supplier)

Plasma Cutting Information

Plasma Cutting: Determining if it's Right for You and What to Look for in a Machine - Lincoln Electric.

How to Select and Operate A Hand-Held Plasma Cutter. - Miller.

Plasma Education - Video Library - Miller.

Buying a Plasma Cutter - Miller.

Maintaining A Plasma Cutter - Miller.

Bob Campbell Designs - CNC, Plasma components, plans, etc. - Euless, TX

Ten Links.Com CAD Directory and Information.

CADzette A free weekly newsletter, tips and other information about MCAD and CAD.

Also see below - Welding Machine Manufacturers


Welding Machine Manufacturers

Hobart Brothers Welding Machines and Supplies.

Lincoln Electric Co. Welding Machines and Supplies.

Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. Welding Machines and Supplies.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products Welding Machines and Supplies.

TAMI Welding Machine Manufacturer - Tiawan.

Welding Equipment Suppliers

Deltaconne Welding Accessories

F & M Mafco Welding Solutions

AirGas, Inc. Industrial, Medical and Specialty Gases

Supply FORCE Com Safety Products

Weldware Welders Clothing

Dave Wright Welding

Welding Metallic Materials Welding/Training Video Part A.

Welding Metallic Materials Welding/Training Video Part B.

HooperSupply Your online welding source.

Weldmart-OnLine Reliable technical services.

Hybrid Tech Energy Steel Hydrogen Cutting Equipment

Speciality Welds In the UK

RodOvens.Com Supplier of Welding Ovens for: Tig Welding Electrodes, Stick Welding Rods, Welding Flux and Mig Wire.

Keen Ovens Welding Rod Ovens.

J & S Enterprises Henrob Welding and Cutting Torch - Pelion, SC

Linde Gas, LLC Offering welders, filler metals, personal protection equipment and more.

Indiana Oxygen Welding equipment and supplies - Internet Store offers free shipping in US - Indianapolis, IN

Welders-Direct Welders, supplies - Free Shipping in the US - Everett, WA

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