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Category: Forge & Foundry

EM 862 – War Department Education Manual    CHAPTER XVIII – BLACKSMITHING EQUIPMENT; FORGE FIRES Whether a farmer can afford a forge and anvil will depend upon the distance to a blacksmith shop, the amount of machinery repair work he needs to do or have done, and his ability as a mechanic. Although not every farmer can […]

Centrifugal casting consists of producing castings by causing molten metal to solidify in  rotating  moulds.  The  speed  of  the  rotation  and  metal  pouring  rate  vary  with  the al

Cuttlebone casting is an ancient, but very accurate method for one of a kind casting in precious metals or whatever. Cuttlebone is the backbone (sorta) from a cuttlefish. You can find it mail-order,b

Above is a photo of a muller that I designed and built around 12 years ago. I got the idea from a roto tiller and this is basically a rototiller in a drum. Note the legs: The muller was mounted over my sand box and it dumps directly into the box. Close up of the […]
The following gives a brief and somewhat sketchy description on how to build your own furnace for metal casting! I have and have used for years a smaller furnace that will handle up to a #12 crucible, but needed a larger furnace from time to time. So, what you will be seeing is made from […]

Old engines fascinate me. I love to restore old machines. Many machines are scrapped because of broken castings, or parts cost more than a working machine is worth. I knew of several machines that cou

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