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Category: Metal Fabrication

Once you own a stationary belt sander, it’s hard to imagine life without one. Clamped to a bench in your shop, these workhorses deburr, contour, polish, grind and shape almost any type of material. Great for the woodworking shop as well as the metalworking shop. One of my addictions in life draws me to garage […]

From time to time people ask how to make wind chimes, especially how to calculate the lengths of the tubes/rods. There is no precise answer to this question! Let’s discuss it. There was an arti

Many quality used industrial machines are available at attractive prices that have 3 phase electric motors. Most residential homes do not have access to 3 phase electric power at a reasonable price. If the home shop builder decides to use these machines they must either replace the 3 phase motors with single phase motors or […]

Super glue is one of the strongest and most powerful adhesives available for home use. Depending on your age, you might remember seeing the old ads for Krazy Glue that ran during the 1980s. Those ads

I would like to thank the good people at Blind Chicken Racing for supplying the basics to make this bender. I have taken their project a step further and have included a drawing for the sides, and w

Guillotine Shear: A guillotine shear is a machine that can shear or cut various materials with a guillotine design. The word “guillotine” is associated with a blade that drops along a vertical track. This type of machine was primarily used in familiar history as a method of execution, particularly in the French Revolution, but the modern […]
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