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Category: Welding & Cutting

Operation/Process Electrode Size in. (mm) Arc Current (Amperes) Minimum Protective Shade Suggested* Shade No. (Comfort) Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) Less than 3/32 (2.5) Less than 60 7 — 3/32−5/32 (2.5−4) 60−160 8 10 5/32−1/4 (4−6.4) 160−250 10 12 More than 1/4 (6.4) 250−550 11 14 Gas metal arc Less than 60 7 — welding […]
Vertical stick welding is one of the positions that has a learning curve that can be really frustrating. Hey, I have been there and know first-hand! However, once you get past vertical welding all you have left is overhead for the structural welding positions.  Welding vertical up is not really that hard to do. So here are the […]

I own a Hobart 300Amp DC TIG welder, model 110 Cybertig. This is a very robust machine, it came fully equiped. My problem was that it uses liquid cooled torches. Where it is in my shop would have been

Try using this simple compass arrangement to clean up your fabrication! No slides to get torch spatter on. No training wheels to go over slag and ruin your cut — just a pivot point to shoot from. Try it. You will probably find it makes your job easier. Author: Ralph Sproul
I use this stand when cutting long lengths of material on my power hacksaw. By making two stands, they can be used to support material during welding. Kind of an adjustable sawhorse. MATERIAL LIST FOR STAND SHOWN ( ALL MATERIAL MILD STEEL ) 1 – 1″ diameter black pipe X 18″ long. 1 – 2″ […]
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