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Scrap Metal Prices

Updated 8/25/2018

Scrap Metal

Price per lb.

Aluminum Cans $0.37
Sheet Aluminum $0.42
Aluminum Rims $0.56
Brass Radiator $1.32
Brass Scrap (Dirty) $0.52
Brass Scrap (Clean) $0.88
Red Brass Scrap $1.55
Yellow Brass Scrap $1.46
#1 Copper Scrap $2.19
#1 Copper Wire (Bare) $1.82
Insulated #1 Copper Wire $1.05
#2 Copper Scrap $1.98
Insulated #2 Copper Wire $2.12
Stainless Steel Scrap $0.31
#1 Prepared Steel Scrap $0.08
Cast Iron Scrap $0.26
Looking for the best scrap metal prices? We have current prices from scrap metal yards across the United States to give you the most up-to-date information on what’s going on in the market. The prices below may not reflect the rates in your local area but should be a pretty good guide as to what you should get or pay for scrap metals. The price of scrap metal is volatile and these scrap metal prices may not reflect current market prices as they are not updated daily. 
This is one of the most exciting times in years as potential tariffs have highlighted the importance of recycling operations and everyone should see higher prices for their metals.
To get accurate local pricing, be sure to check out our directory of scrap metal dealers to find the best prices near you.
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